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The EcoBlanket process / One step application / Combined with Terraseeding process

Keep Soil in its Place! The Rexius EcoBlanket® is rated one of the highest methods available for stopping erosion in its tracks. EcoBlanket® replaces the natural layer of humus that already protects our undisturbed soils. Injected with Microblend®, the EcoBlanket® has increased structural integrity along with the ability to aid in the degradation of hydrocarbons that are found on many construction sites. EcoBlanket® is easily installed in a one step, low impact pneumatic process that can conform to about any terrain.


• Over 99% Effective*
In a Certified Erosion Control testing facility, an EcoBlanket® has shown to be over 99% effective in reducing soil loss as an erosion control measure. These test results show that EcoBlanket® compares with the highest rated BMP's in the industry for erosion control in similar conditions.

• 100% Soil Coverage
As an erosion control measure, EcoBlanket® completely covers the denuded soil with a matrix of natural organic material active with beneficial microbes. Through pneumatic application, the EcoBlanket® conforms to the varied contours of the soil surface providing an interlocking blanket with the soil beneath, holding soil particulates in place.

• Can be Combined with a One Step Terraseeding™ Process
For establishment of permanent vegetation, whether it be grasses, wildflowers or native plants, the EcoBlanket® can be injected with seed during the application process. The EcoBlanket® material combined with Microblend® makes an ideal growing media for seed while providing immediate erosion control.

• 100% Organic, Recycled & Reusable
EcoBlanket uses no plastic materials in its construction. The fibrous matrix it forms with the help of the bonding capabilities of Microblend give the necessary structure needed without non-biodegradable reinforcements or netting. Made with recycled organics, the compost/mulch blend can be used as an earth friendly soil amendment at the completion of a project, or left as a permanent stabilizing organic layer to work into the topsoil over time.

Other Advantages of EcoBlanket®:

  • Establishes a buffer to absorb rainfall energy
  • Slows velocity of water run off, allowing natural percolation of rain water into soil
  • Improves existing soil structure and biology
  • Accessibility to remote and difficult to reach areas

*EcoBlanket® and Microblend® were tested at San Diego State University's Soil Erosion Research Laboratory and shown to reduce soil loss by over 99% in tested erosion control conditions. An S.T.A. approved independent microbiology laboratory, BBC Laboratories of Tempe, AZ, tested and showed that Microblend® greatly increased the hydrocarbon degradation capabilities of the compost/mulch materials used in EcoBlanket®. Test results are available upon request.

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